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Bamboo Garden Labels Set

Organize Your Garden with OBTANIM's 75 PCS Bamboo Plant Labels and Marker Pen Set - Perfect for Seedlings, Potted Plants, Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables!

- Easy to Use: The T-Type design of these plant labels makes them easy to insert into the soil, and the included marker pen makes it easy to write down the name of the plant or other information.
- Versatile: With 75 plant labels included in the set, you will have plenty to label all of your plants, whether you are growing seedlings, potted herbs, flowers, or vegetables. The labels can also be used for indoor plants or as gift tags for plant-related gifts.

Are you tired of not knowing which plant is which in your garden? Look no further than OBTANIM's 75 PCS Bamboo Plant Labels with A Marker Pen. These T-Type plant tags are perfect for labeling seedlings, potted herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, these labels are not only durable but also blend seamlessly into your garden's natural aesthetic. The included marker pen ensures that your labels will be legible and long-lasting. With 75 labels in each pack, you'll have plenty to label all of your garden's plants. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to organization with OBTANIM's Bamboo Plant Labels.