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133 SUPPLY - Garden Marker Pen Set

Keep your garden organized with 133 SUPPLY's 2 Pack Garden Marker Pen - Permanent, Waterproof, and UV Fade Resistant!

- Fine Point: The 0.8mm fine point tip of these markers allows for precise and accurate labeling of your plants. You can easily write the names of your plants or any other important information without smudging or smearing.
- Versatile: These black permanent markers can be used for a variety of labeling purposes beyond just plants. You can use them to label tools, storage containers, or any other items that need to be marked permanently.

The 133 SUPPLY 2 Pack Garden Marker Pen Permanent Markers Black is a must-have for every gardener out there. These UV fade-resistant marker pens are perfect for plant markers, garden markers, and even waterproof pen black markers for outdoor use. The 0.8mm tip ensures precision and accuracy when writing on garden plant labels. These markers are designed to withstand any weather condition, making them ideal for outdoor use. With their permanent ink, you can be sure that your plant labels will remain legible for years to come. Get your hands on the 133 SUPPLY 2 Pack Garden Marker Pen Permanent Markers Black today and take your gardening game to the next level.